Probleemgericht werken aan High Impact Crime

HIC Info

Even the best approaches need nurturing. 

High Impact Crime (HIC) such as domestic burglary and (street) robberies have significant consequences for the victims and create feelings of insecurity in society. In the past decade, considerably fewer burglaries and (street) robberies were committed in the Netherlands than in the previous decades. This nationwide declining trend in the Netherlands is good news. But, the decline is not visible everywhere in the country. 

Three articles on this topic:

  • A successful HIC approach needs maintaining – Article by Door van der Wiele
  • Crime is unevenly distributed across the Netherlands – Article by Bert Berghuis
  • It is getting safer in the Netherlands, but not everywhere – Article by Peter Versteegh & René Hesseling 

As part of the European project Cutting Crime Impact, the manual Problem-oriented work on High Impact Crime was created. This manual brings together international knowledge and experience in the field of HIC. The manual explains how these forms of crime are tackled effectively and in a problem-oriented way. It provides practical solutions and tips in the fight against High Impact Crime. Download the manual on (in Dutch).

A new version of the manual will be published in Dutch and English later this year.

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